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Love Letter in Cuneiform

a novel by Tomáš Zmeškal (Margellos World Republic of Letters, 2016)

“. . . a very fine novel of (a few slices of) Czech life in the second half of the twentieth century, with a nice balance of the wildly imagined and the all-too-real.” — The Complete Review

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“. . . a book sure to dazzle and please a great many readers.” – Wall Street Journal
“. . . should help to cement Jáchym Topol’s reputation as one of the most original and compelling European voices at work today.”
Times Literary Supplement
“. . . a gleeful skewering of the Czech national character and a character-rich, dialogue-sassy send-up colored by a lingering Communist legacy.”
Publishers Weekly
“. . . an acutely observed account — compelling despite its grimness — of the lives of its semi-nomadic subjects.”
Times Literary Supplement